IIT Patna provides comprehensive bus facilities for its students, encompassing both intra-campus transportation and transportation to and from Patna City. The bus service consists of two buses that cater to the diverse transportation needs of the students.
Regarding intra-campus transportation, the buses operate on a frequent schedule, ensuring timely commutes for students between various key locations. Specifically, they make trips between the hostels and the Lecture Hall, Tutorial Block, and department buildings four times every hour. Similarly, the buses maintain the same frequency when transporting students from these academic areas back to the hostels. This regular and frequent service facilitates students' punctuality for their classes and laboratory sessions.
For transportation to and from Patna, each bus undertakes one trip from Patna to IIT Patna, and vice versa. The timings and frequency of these trips are determined by the Students' Welfare Board secretaries, who carefully consider the convenience of all students. Special attention is given to accommodate higher trip frequencies during peak hours, ensuring that students can easily commute during times of increased demand.
The bus service operates on a system where students are not required to make any payment. Instead, they are only required to present their ID cards whenever requested by the bus staff. However, parents, faculty members, and other staff are required to pay for the bus service per trip using the QR code provided inside the buses.